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June 1, 2020


When the need for sheltering the homeless during the pandemic became an emergency, the Dunns-Josephine Hotel opened their doors and welcomed them with open arms.

“Kristin Kitchen, the owner, stepped forward,” said Ronald L. Book Esq., Chairman of the Miami-Dade County Homeless Trust, “agreeing to take homeless individuals off the streets during this very difficult time of the pandemic.

Kristin, your entire staff, your partners –

Thank you for being a humanitarian.

Thank you for stepping up and being nothing short of a hero to me.”

“Overtown is changing…it’s makeup of people is changing,” says Dunns-Josephine hotelier and historian Kristin Kitchen.

As new businesses, we have to make decisions when we come into communities about how we view people.  It’s about humanness and respect. The community from day 1 embraced us."

Most who live on the streets knocked on the door and told me they were proud of me.

‘You really brought your best to us … this is what we need … our story, our history.’

When the pandemic came there was no hesitation. Community tourism is a part of our brand mission … to offer our best in good times and bad.”

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COVID-19 Notice

In this time of uncertainty with the progression of the COVID-19 outbreak, Dunns-Josephine Hotel assures you that your safety and comfort remain our highest priority. Our thoughts are with those who are affected by this virus and those who are caring for them. We look forward to serving our guests from around the world very soon.

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Dunns Josephine Hotel

Miami, Florida
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High speed internet  along with exciting new technology designed for the hospitality market.

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Local and national television enjoyment.


Complimentary continental breakfast each morning. *Please make us aware of special needs*

Priceless History

Library featuring local and national historical figures.

Shea Butter

Experience our hand-crafted, eco-friendly shea butter.


Complimentary bottle of our signature wines.

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