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June 1, 2020


When the need for sheltering the homeless during the pandemic became an emergency, the Dunns-Josephine Hotel opened their doors and welcomed them with open arms.

“Kristin Kitchen, the owner, stepped forward,” said Ronald L. Book Esq., Chairman of the Miami-Dade County Homeless Trust, “agreeing to take homeless individuals off the streets during this very difficult time of the pandemic.

Kristin, your entire staff, your partners –

Thank you for being a humanitarian.

Thank you for stepping up and being nothing short of a hero to me.”

“Overtown is changing…it’s makeup of people is changing,” says Dunns-Josephine hotelier and historian Kristin Kitchen.

As new businesses, we have to make decisions when we come into communities about how we view people.  It’s about humanness and respect. The community from day 1 embraced us."

Most who live on the streets knocked on the door and told me they were proud of me.

‘You really brought your best to us … this is what we need … our story, our history.’

When the pandemic came there was no hesitation. Community tourism is a part of our brand mission … to offer our best in good times and bad.”

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Dunns Josephine Hotel

Miami, Florida
Double Bed Suites, King Suites
Healthy Breakfast


High speed internet  along with exciting new technology designed for the hospitality market.

Cable Television

Local and national television enjoyment.


Complimentary continental breakfast each morning. *Please make us aware of special needs*

Priceless History

Library featuring local and national historical figures.

Shea Butter

Experience our hand-crafted, eco-friendly shea butter.

Kristen Kitchen, Owner & CEO

Kristin Kitchen, Founder and CEO of Sojourn Heritage Accommodations is embarking on a new way of doing business in the Heritage Tourism Industry. For the last 15 years, Kristin has been the owner and operator of the Six Acres Bed & Breakfast in Cincinnati, Ohio. Restoring this historic 6000-sq. ft. home that was once part of the Underground Railroad and turning it in to a successful business inspired Kristin to launch a new brand of boutique hotels that combine the intimacies of a bed and breakfast with the amenities of a 1st class hotel.

With a background in real- estate development, having owned and managed over 20 residential and commercial properties, Kristin has taken that knowledge along with her passion for entrepreneurship to the next level. By integrating a model that not only transforms blighted or underutilized historic structures in Urban communities into viable hotel lodging spaces but in doing so, helps to restore the community by creating or enhancing existing business from within the community to operate as vendors for the hotel.  “We create jobs and entrepreneurs with in each community because our mission is to make our communities better and to empower the people that live there.”

 “When we thrive, our community thrives.”

In 2014, she launched the Sojourn Heritage Hotel Brand, a new brand of hotels focused on African American History and Culture in urban areas, to share the history while uplifting the community.

The Sojourn Heritage Accommodations Hotel Group introduces the DUNNS JOSEPHINE HOTELto the South Florida travel destination community.  The DUNNS JOSEPHINE is an amazing boutique hotel, located in the blossoming, cultural garden and entertainment mecca known as Historic Overtown.  The hotel had it’s soft launch December 2019.  The DUNNS JOSEPHINE HOTEL is an ode to both the Miami and Harlem Renaissance periods of glitz and old world glamour from days gone by.  Staying true to theme, the DUNNS JOSEPHINE HOTEL boasts (15) guest rooms dedicated and decorated to the likes of Miami and Harlem Renaissance legends such as Josephine Baker, Langston Hughes, Zora Neale Hurston, Cab Calloway, Marcus Garvey, and the iconic Duke Ellington and Billie Holliday.

 As a historian and successful business woman Kristin has given lectures at various colleges and universities across the country and continues to do so.  Kristin holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and a Masters in African American Studies. 

Kristin lives in Miami Florida with her adorable, 8 year old daughter Zahri Jean.


Organizational Affiliations

Board Member: CEIA, Inc. -Community Economic Advancement Initiative, Inc.

Member: NABHOOD- National Association of Black Hotel Owners, Operators, and Developers

Member: Greater Miami Visitors and Convention Bureau

Member: Greater Miami Hotel and Beaches Association

Member: Miami Dade Chamber of Commerce

Member: ICABA- International Career and Business Alliance

Philanthropic Works:

She is President of Good Deeds Mission, a non-profit 501c3 organization whose mission is to serve, assist with and fight for equality for urban communities around the issues of social, political and economic justice.

Kristin mentors at least 2 small business annually to support their road to success.

Developed a continued partnership with Cincinnati public schools to provide field trips at Six Acres to teach children about the underground railroad.

Metris Batts-Coley

Mrs. Batts-Coley earned an Associated Degree in Merchandise Buying, a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, and a Master’s degree in Organizational Behavior Management. From the best university in the world, Johnson &Wales University did her hospitality friends rub off on her? Her professional experience also includes helping small businesses and emerging nonprofits build their capacity to be sustainable.

With over 19 years of experience supervising and training staff, Ms. Batts-Coley has provided direct services, program planning and implementation, coalition development, and capacity building.

Sojourn Miami

Leave the beaten path and occasionally dive into heritage. Follow that path, explore around its corners as it welcomes you in. Before you realize…you will have discovered something worth sharing. Something that will expand your mind and tap into your own unique identity. After all, quality experiences come when we choose to become Sojourners of life. Imagine traveling to a place where nestled in the warmth of first-class amenities, history and culture surround you. Explore our communities and neighborhoods through the lens of the past while enjoying art, food, and music all created to tantalize you and enhance your experience.
Miami in Style

We Have Vacancy!

We also invite you to our Zebra Room for small gatherings, entertainment and a lesson in history.

Our Culture

We are a unique brand of boutique hotels focused on sharing the rich multi-cultural history and surrounding communities. Our goal is to bring you an experience that will not only tap into your soul but by bringing history to life but tap into your senses through our incredible design style and tantalizing food choices.

Our History

As Founder of the Sojourn Heritage Brand, Kristin Kitchen is also the current owner of Six Acres Bed and Breakfast, a historic site that was once part of the Underground Railroad located in Cincinnati Ohio. After nearly twenty years in the hospitality industry focusing on the bed and breakfast segment she began to ask these questions: Was it possible to create a brand of bed and breakfast boutique hotels that combined the amenities of a 1st class hotel and the intimacies of a Bed and Breakfast? Could we expand the experience at the “Breakfast Table” into an actual brand that encouraged people from various races, genders, and cultures to come together and share their lives with one another?  Could we, through deliberative dialogue create transformational experiences for our guest that could perhaps last a lifetime?
Kristin Kitchen CEO

Why Miami?

We chose Miami because it is undoubtedly one of the most diverse cities in America. Sojourn Miami proudly recognizes the strength of a multicultural and multilingual region to share experiences that lead to a more cohesive society. A diverse culture leads to a stronger economy.
We chose the community of Overtown, once known as the “Harlem of the South” because of its rich African American history.” Today, the community of Overtown is embracing the diversity that reflects the changes in our society.

“In a multicultural, diverse society there are countless ways in which people negotiate the everyday lived experience and reality of diversity.”
Randa Abdel-Fattah

rest in luxury


Before Cool was Cool

Good Food

Jackson Soul

Best Place

Fell in Love here

History Merges

Past Meets the Future

Fat Tuesday


Fat Tuesday

Haiti Mardi Gras


The Miami Way

The Sojourn Miami will feature 15 rooms designed in the style of the Harlem Renaissance by Atlanta based interior designer Mona Stephen of M1 Design Group. Not only will we showcase the national artist of the “Harlem Renaissance” but the local Jazz and Arts contributors as well. This gives us an opportunity to celebrate the community and share its history with the world.


Embrace Our Vision

We believe that entrepreneurship is a powerful tool when combined with solving social problems in communities and that entrepreneurs can be part of and build businesses that simultaneously earn income and tackle social problems in innovative and effective ways. Sojourn Heritage Accommodations is a social entrepreneurial model designed to increase economic opportunities for community residents to benefit from their own community assets. Sojourn Heritage Accommodations is built on the idea of creating self-sufficiency through tourism and hospitality. When we open our establishments, rather than relying on outside business to be beneficiaries of community assets, we will create a “virtuous cycle” to employ local people, train them in various sectors of hospitality and tourism i.e. Retailing, Security, technology, food and beverage services and housekeeping to help them grow into business enterprises or increase the revenues of their currently established business.