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June 1, 2020


When the need for sheltering the homeless during the pandemic became an emergency, the Dunns-Josephine Hotel opened their doors and welcomed them with open arms.

“Kristin Kitchen, the owner, stepped forward,” said Ronald L. Book Esq., Chairman of the Miami-Dade County Homeless Trust, “agreeing to take homeless individuals off the streets during this very difficult time of the pandemic.

Kristin, your entire staff, your partners –

Thank you for being a humanitarian.

Thank you for stepping up and being nothing short of a hero to me.”

“Overtown is changing…it’s makeup of people is changing,” says Dunns-Josephine hotelier and historian Kristin Kitchen.

As new businesses, we have to make decisions when we come into communities about how we view people.  It’s about humanness and respect. The community from day 1 embraced us."

Most who live on the streets knocked on the door and told me they were proud of me.

‘You really brought your best to us … this is what we need … our story, our history.’

When the pandemic came there was no hesitation. Community tourism is a part of our brand mission … to offer our best in good times and bad.”

To learn more about the Dunns-Josephine Hotel and to book your stay, visit



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Leave the beaten path and occasionally dive into heritage. Follow that path, explore around its corners as it welcomes you in. Before you realize…you will have discovered something worth sharing. Something that will expand your mind and tap into your own unique identity. After all, quality experiences come when we choose to become Sojourners of life.

Imagine traveling to a place where nestled in the warmth of first class amenities,

history and culture surround you. Explore our communities and neighborhoods through the lens of the past while enjoying art, food and music all created to tantalize you and enhance your experience.

We are a unique brand of boutique hotels focused on sharing the rich African American history and culture of the communities where we are located. Our goal is to bring you an experience that will not only tap into your soul but by bringing history to life but tap into your senses through our incredible design style and tantalizing food choices.


Welcome to the Sojourn’s Collection of Heritage Accommodations




  • We succeed only when we meet and exceed the expectations of our customers, owners and shareholders.
  • We have a passion for excellence and will deliver the highest.
    standards of hospitality and integrity in the industry.
  • We celebrate the diversity of people, ideas and cultures.
  • We honor the dignity and value of individuals working as a team.
  • We improve the communities in which we work.
  • We encourage innovation, accept accountability and embrace change.
  • We seek knowledge and growth through learning from our customers and their rich lives and cultures.
  • We share a sense of urgency, nimbleness and endeavor to have fun too!

Our Development Team

Kristin Kitchen (CEO-Founder): Kristin has 15 years’ experience in the hospitality industry.  She has owned a historic bed and breakfast in Cincinnati Ohio since 2004.  As a historian, Kristin has the unique ability to teach and share the historic significance of a property, and as an entrepreneur the capability to monetize the property.

Graylyn Swilley-Woods (Historic Consultant): Graylyn has been a leader in the hospitality industry for the last 10 years.  In addition to co-founding Sojourn Heritage Accommodations, she serves as the Vice President of Community Tourism and Outreach for the Greater Miami Florida Visitor and Convention Bureau, which is the largest multicultural tourism department in the nation.


Thaddeus Dawson (Financial Consultant): Thaddeus owns and operates an appraisal management company he started 25 years ago. His expertise is in commercial property appraisals and financial analysis and modeling for commercial developments.  His current clients include a nationally known restaurant franchise and other small to mid-sized commercial developers.  In addition, Thad has developed, operated and owned a few commercial properties of his own.


Channing Henderson (Development Consultant): Channing is the owner of CKH Group LLC, a real estate development consulting firm created in 2005. His expertise is in real-estate development, program and construction management. With over 16 years in the real-estate industry Channing has worked in the public and private sector. He has been involved in the development and management of nearly 10,000 units of residential (single & multi-family) housing and approximately 30,000 square foot of retail/restaurant space.  His clientele includes Non-profit organizations, Churches, General Contractors and Entrepreneurs/Land Owners.


Mona Stephen (Design Consultant): Mona is the owner and operator of M One design group, Mona has designed 100’s of residential homes and commercial spaces. Her work has been shown on major television shows and premiere magazine publications. She is the host and creator of “Design My Single Space” an interior design show that focuses on redesigning single spaces for people with compelling stories.

Our Portfolio



6 Acres Bed & Breakfast – Cincinnati, Ohio

Year Established:  2004

Description:   Historic site that was once part of the “Underground Rail Road” Sitting on 7 acres of wooded property along the Millcreek bed that was the water route that escaped slaves used to get to Canada, this

Historic property features hidden rooms and false wall in the basement that were used as hiding places.

Number of Rooms: 10

Retail:  There is a retail shop that features African and African- American jewelry, artifacts, art and clothing




Dunn-Josephine Hotel – Miami, Florida

Year Established:  Opening Sept 22, 2017

Description:  This is the site of Miami’s 1st African-American Community dating back to the late 1800’s.            Located in Historic Overtown, once called the “Harlem of the South,” our hotel will be theme in the classic design style of the Harlem Renaissance with a modern and sexy feel that capture the energy of South Beach      Miami!

Number of Rooms: 16

Retail:  There will be a “1st of a kind” wine shop featuring exclusively African-American Vintners in the United States as well other international black winemakers.

Our lobby will also serve as a jazz club when we bring in featured local, national, and international artist.



The Centennial Hotel @Techwood – Atlanta Georgia

Year Established: Opening Dec 2018

Number of rooms: 22

Description:  The proposed concept entails the rehabilitation and transformation of the historic Techwood Homes in Atlanta.  The hotel will feature 27 hotel suites, a “Taste of Noir” wine shop and a full service restaurant open to our guest as well as the community at large.


The hotel theme will focus on the preservation of the historic significance of the building and the surrounding community.  The design will incorporate historic artifacts that depict the history of the building and community from the time the business/building 1st opened. Listed on the National Registry of Historic Places, the Centennial Hotel is located on the Historic Techwood Homes property which was America 1st housing project.



Business Model for The Sojourn Brand


  • Hiring employees and developing entrepreneurs in the local community to provide goods and services
  • Outsourcing services to local business
  • Partnering with the local Chamber of Commerce and other economic and travel oriented organizations to promote cultural and heritage travel in the Atlanta area.
  • Partnering with local museums and to host artist in residence and co-promote art exhibits from local, national and international artist from around the globe.
  • Working with area workforce development offices to train staff and offset cost of employment through successful community hiring practices.



Proposed New Cities- Our Goal is to Open 10 new hotels over the next 5 years!!!!


Ft. Lauderdale                                                   Nashville

D.C.                                                                   Chicago

San Francisco                                                    New York

Las Vegas                                                          Los Angeles

Rosewood                                                         New Orleans









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whew! his is like college!!!!


The Dunns-JOsephine is not a bed and breakfast.


Sojourn is a new brand of Boutique Hotels with a bed and breakfast component.


we dont have photos yet of the actual bed and breakfast. it is still under construction…

I have an image of the front but we changed the color to white. and the awnings are blue… dont know if you can edit that but i can fix it.

We have tons of construction photos

ive attached a photo of me… ill send one of my primary partner ( Mona Stephen)

I sent a sample breakfast photo


Dont have grandopening date. we are sure it will be in december… just dont know when


Chef is Jerome Brown….. “Chef Rome” very google-able


we will be pet friendly for small pets under 40 lbs and cost is 25.00 per pet per night.

what do you mean discounts… ill have to think about that… you mean my six acres customers or just any customers?


visa mastercard amex discover


group events


1)small conferences. showers, luncheons, business meetings, birthday parties, can be for rent.


We will also have activities like wine tastings, book readings, pop up dinners, movie nights of old black movies.lectures from esteemed professors are activities that we will order.


thanks, Kristin!


Continue to ask away! im excited already!!!!


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